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From remote working to domestic tourism, from Singapore to New York, COVID-19 has changed everything about travel.

Captures The Spirit of Tourism & Travel

More than one year following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel landscape is still unrecognizable from years past. Let’s learn how marketers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, storytellers, scientists, and dreamers share their visions of how they can shape tomorrow on tourism.

Work from Anywhere

Remote working is the new kind of tourism. The world is changing. People is become less physically tied to their working rules and looking for work smart and live better. Digital nomads are the hottest keywords for marketers.

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Domestic Travel

Domestic tourism would be the mainstay of the tourism industry in post-Covid times. Unexplored, unexploited destinations have to be identified and promoted by destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Not just the destination, but the path leading to it as well.

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Virtual Events

Virtual events is here to stay. COVID-19 pandemic giving rise to something often described as the Zoom Era. The rise of it is classic example of the appearance of innovation and creativity in the face of adversity. The entertainment and events industries were one of the first industries to feel the impact of the pandemic. From hosting virtual tour to virtual tourism challenge, virtual events are about to become a new tradition.

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Local Authenticity

Authentic local lifestyles, customs and culture are the true sense of destination. Travellers are no longer satisfied with superficial tourist activities – instead, they’re searching for an in-depth understanding of their travel destinations.

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Sounds of Destinations

The new hype on tourism is sounds of destinations. More (and more) Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and tourism marketers want to make sure that (international) holiday makers keep their destination on a bucket list.

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Trends to Watch

Together, let’s create the antidote to trend reports that are already out of date the minute they are published.

Health Passport

From COVID-19 test result, IATA Travel Pass, to vaccine passport (or digital credentials for proving vaccination to enable travel and other activities), digital COVID-19 related health certificate is on the rise.

COVID-19 Vaccine Tourism

Shortage of Coronavirus vaccines, equitable vaccine distribution and allocation caused so-called “vaccine tourism” – when people with means, resources, and connections seek out the Covid-19 vaccine wherever it might be, cutting in front of everyone else waiting in line for their turn to get the shot.

Travel Bubble

Also known as travel bridges or corona corridors, in simple term, travel bubble is an agreement between two or more countries to open up their borders for travel without strict quarantine. As impact of vaccine rollout, more and more countries now seek travel bubble as one of the short to medium term solution for travel and tourism industry.

Citizenship by Investment

COVID-19 has impacted the citizenship by investment industry. It’s an emerging trend, where people have started thinking about alternative citizenship as Plan-B, in case another pandemic comes around. These trend provide an avenue for people to gain permanent residency or citizenship in exchange for an investment in a country’s economy.

Reunion Travel

As uncertainty continues to pervade people’s lives, reunion travel gain its momentum. Whether it means traveling to be close to family members, or reuniting with a group of friends, reunion travel is here to stay for those who want to socializing with others.


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