Agents of Change, Social Travel Campaign by G Adventures

Good travel decisions could have positive social impacts on the world at large.

You’re Not a Tourist Agent, You’re a Travel Agent

Launched in April 3, 2013, “Agent of Change” is G Adventures marketing campaign that encourage travel agents to make decisions and offer clients alternatives that will have a positive effect on the world at large. It is an extension of the company’s dream of merging social innovation and social entrepreneurship and while in the process, turning the dial on the definition of a Social Enterprise.

G Adventures believe that travel and travelers can change the world. Travel is the fastest path to peace and understanding and the tourism industry can be a force for positive change and global good. And travel agents, perhaps most of all, have a pivotal role in that.

The goal of G Adventure’s Agent of Change is to bring travel agents into the company’s vision of travel as a force for good. G wants to persuade agents to take seriously the possible effects good or bad of their decisions and the decisions of their clients, which they may be able to influence. G wants its agent partners to help their clients understand how their travel decisions can have wider repercussions than just their own experience; influencing such factors as sustainability, wealth distribution and the well being of people who live in the destinations the company visits with its tours.

G Adventures is calling on travel agents throughout North America to position themselves within the travel industry as an instrument for enacting social and individual change, to foster understanding between cultures and to make the world a better place for all people. The concept is already resonating with agents, with more than 300 travel agents registering for the webinar that was presented on March 26th, 2013.

To kick off the campaign, G Adventures will donate $1 for every client booked in North America by a travel agent from April 1 to May 31 to Planeterra, the non-profit social enterprise organization founded by G Adventures to help empower local people to develop their communities. The agent with the highest number of passengers booked by the end of May will win a free land only seat on a 2013/14 agent fam.

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