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Eid in Dubai, Event Advertising and Marketing Campaign

Rediscovering the spirit of Eid's traditional festivity in Dubai.

Eid in Dubai, Rediscovering the spirit of traditional festivity.

Launched by the Dubai Events & Promotions Establishment in 2008, “Eid in Dubai” is an annual Dubai Government initiative that aimed to promoting Dubai as a festive destination during the Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha celebrations. In addition, it is meant to attract families in Dubai and the GCC through organising and embracing various entertainment events that will be held during Eid and highlight Dubai’s unique manner of celebrating this special occasion.

“Eid in Dubai” emphasises the fact that the diverse social and cultural fabric of Dubai is as significant as its dynamic economic growth. The cosmopolitan city hosts over 200 nationalities that coexist in exceptional harmony and despite different orientations and cultural backgrounds, residents and visitors in Dubai come together to share joyous moments during different festivities hosted all year round. “Eid in Dubai” is another valuable addition that will enhance the spirit of the city.

Traditional celebrations such as “Fuwallat Al Eid”, as well as splendid fireworks, shopping malls and jewellery promotions, hotel packages and several international concerts contribute towards making “Eid in Dubai” a memorable time of the year.

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