Enjoy Every Second, Travel Luggage Brand Marketing Campaign by Samsonite

Pan European travel luggage brand marketing campaign of Samsonite, Enjoy Every Second.

Pan European travel luggage brand marketing campaign of Samsonite, Enjoy Every Second.

Launched in February 2, 2013, Enjoy Every Second is Pan European marketing campaign of Samsonite, the world’s leading travel luggage brand, Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, the marketing campaign is part of “Samsonite by Your Side” integrated strategy.

In 2012, Samsonite launched it “Arrivals” campaign. The campaign is focused on the emotions people show at airport arrivals. in 2013, the “Enjoy Every Second” campaign is all about the experience, excitement and surprise of traveling.

As part of ‘Enjoy Every Second’, we see travelers outside the reassuring familiarity of the airport and follow them on their journeys around the world. The focus is on ‘that’ travel moment when travelers realize that they really are outside their comfort zone and in unfamiliar territory, full of surprising sights, sounds and smells.

The travelers are able to enjoy these moments, despite any luggage mishaps along the way, like their case falling from the roof of a bus on the plains of Africa, or getting crushed between two New York cabs, because Samsonite is there to take care of their belongings. This is made possible due to their innovative Samsonite Curv® collection suitcases, made with Curv material which provides an unrivaled combination of lightness and strength.

Edouard Wattel, European Communications Director, Samsonite said: “This new campaign illustrates perfectly our brand values, especially the fact that nothing should stop you from traveling with Samsonite by your side. Saatchi succeeded in finding the challenging balance between crazy, surprising and emotional traveling moments while demonstrating clear product benefits of lightness and strength.”

Jan Teulingkx, Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels added: “The best travel moments are the ones that just happen to you. We thought it would be interesting to let stuff happen to us. That’s when we decided to make the production process part of the idea. We shot a few key scenes, rented a van, stuffed it with suitcases and went out there. A beautiful experience, full of big and small surprises. Samsonite is made for discovering more of this amazing world. That’s exactly the feeling we wanted to give when you see this film: I should travel and discover more.”

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