Gangnam Style Tourism Campaign by Seoul Convention Bureau

Gangnam style inspired campaign to attract tourists based on the amazing success of PSY, the South Korean rapper.

Gangnam style inspired tourism marketing campaign by Seoul Convention Bureau, South Korea.

Launched in December 2012, MICE Seoul officials have started “What is Gangnam Style?” campaign to attract tourists to the city’s Gangnam district based on the amazing success of PSY, the South Korean rapper song.

Gangnam, which literally means “south of the river”, located south of the city’s Han River, is actually the richest and most developed area of the city of Seoul. Gangnam has long been Seoul’s powerhouse for international business and meeting.

The promotional video itself described Gangnam as “a beautiful fashion district where the rich and famous go shopping”, as well as stating that it is the home of Seoul’s trendiest and largest night clubs and Asia’s largest underground shopping mall.

The promotional video ads gives details of the prestigious area, including the shopping, fashion, entertainment and culture of Gangnam, which Time Out describes as “far less visited than other parts of the city”.

Several tour operators now offer visits to the area and at least one hotel did originally offer Gangnam-style packages. However, the hotel had to drop the name, due to copyright issues.

Seoul Convention Bureau also made an online competition on its Facebook page offering a trip to Gangnam style district as the prize for two person.

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