Harmony, Audio Visual Marketing Campaign by Emirates

The second stage of Emirates Airline's global marketing campaign that aimed to to engage users in a unique audio visual experience.

Harmony, The Second Stage of Emirates Airline’s Global Marketing Campaign

Launched in May 30, 2012, “Harmony” marketing campaign is the second stage of Emirates airline’s global re-launch that aimed to to engage users in a unique audio visual experience.

Create engaging content that provides a platform for Emirates to connect with its target audience, drive engagement, and create a connection with the universal language of music.

Emirates believe that music is a global language that connects us all. And much like the world around us, the beauty of music is that the more cultures we bring together, the more amazing the song becomes. Emirates features nine musicians from Dubai to New York that help them to create one global song. As the song has been created, Emirates want the world to join in.

The airline’s Harmony campaign invites participants to interact with a specially-commissioned musical composition, which has been recorded by professional musicians playing traditional instruments from around the world, such as the harp, Taiko drum, bass guitar, saxophone, Shekere, Oudht and Indian Flute.

People who would like to join the Harmony Campaign can browse the various instrumental arrangements and mash them up to create different versions of the score. The overall arrangement of the composition has been designed to ensure that all possible instrumental combinations sound perfect together.

Users can also add their own talents to the mix by recording themselves performing the score on a webcam or microphone and uploading the video or audio files to the Harmony Gallery. Submissions which impress the Emirates judges will be uploaded on to the airline’s dedicated YouTube channel.

Harmony marketing campaign is part of Hello Tomorrow brand platform that launched earlier on April 2012 and features print, TV, digital advertising, including iconic billboards in New York’s Times Square and Milan’s central train station.

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