Ik Vlieg Met, Airline Campaign by Garuda Indonesia Netherlands

Airline brand marketing and advertising campaign for domestic market of Netherlands.

Ik Vlieg Met Garuda Indonesia, airline brand marketing and advertising campaign by Garuda Indonesia Netherlands.

Launched in 12 February 2013, Garuda Indonesia Netherlands launched a national campaign in the Netherlands entitled “Ik vlieg met Garuda Indonesia” (I fly with Garuda Indonesia).

As part of the marketing campaign, several commercial ads has been created by Garuda Indonesia. The commercial ads featured three individuals and one couple : Batul Loomans (founder of Buddha-to-Buddha, Erik Meijer (CCO of Indosat), Renske Hofman (founder of Ubuntu Streetkids Organization) as well as Jeff, Nana & Dash as family on holiday.

All of the people who featured on the commercial ads were chosen based on the target market. Erik Meijer, Chief Commercial Officer at Indosat, a leading telecoms brand in Indonesia, has Dutch roots and is married to Maudy Koesnaedi, a former Miss Jakarta. Batul Loomans, founder of Buddha-to-Buddha, a handmade jewellery brand which is produced on Bali, has a special connection with Bali and its people. Renske Hofman is founder of Ubuntu Streetkids Foundation, a charity organisation that focuses on giving streetkids a chance to develop their talents. Jeff Flink, Nana Murbandona and 2-year old son Dash are frequently fly to Indonesia to visit family and celebrate holidays.

Ik Vlieg Met Garuda Indonesia Commercial Ads, Erik Meijer
Ik Vlieg Met Garuda Indonesia Commercial Ads, Batul Loomans
Ik Vlieg Met Garuda Indonesia Commercial Ads, Renske Hofman
Ik Vlieg Met Garuda Indonesia Commercial Ads, Jeff, Nana and Dash family

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