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Magical Realism, Global Brand Marketing Campaign of Colombia Tourism

The new slogan of international country brand that aimed to promote Columbia tourism around the world.

“Colombia, Magical Realism”, the international country brand marketing campaign by Columbia.

Officially launched in April 12, 2013 by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism with Proexport, “Colombia, Magical Realism” is the slogan of Colombia’s international brand tourism marketing campaign that aimed to promote Columbia tourism around the world and tell foreign travelers how they can have unique experiences in Columbia.

The slogan “Colombia, Magical Realism” is built one answer of strategy and “The Answer is Columbia”. The tourism slogan itself was conceived to pique foreign tourist interest in having something “different”, “magic”, “unique” and “surprising” experiences. The summarized expression of experiences had by foreigners who have visited Colombia is the essence of the new tourism slogan.

Created by THR, the tourism marketing campaign (with aims to showcase the country’s distinctive offering to international travelers) is highlighting the magic of this thriving South American destination.

“Colombia’s Magical Realism” is the campaign’s name that evokes the literary genre that made famous the Nobel-winning Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and in whose stories the protagonists live in scenes that blend reality with magic. This concept brings together perfectly the unique characteristics of Colombia’s tourism product and the perceptions about it that exist in the world.

As part of the marketing campaign strategy, series of commercial tourism video advertising also has been created. Planned to run in 30 countries, the tourism video advertising campaign features the seven tones of the waters of San Andres, the five colors of the Caño Cristales river bed, the green carpet of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, the inspiring streets of Cartagena de Indias, as well as the Sierra Nevada on the Caribbean shore. The campaign also be part of fairs, expositions and events where the entity participates in order to position Colombia in foreigners’ minds as a place that cannot be missed.

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