SmarTraveller, Travel Insurance Campaign for Australian Travellers

Nationwide travel insurance marketing campaign for Australian travellers by Australia government.

Launched by Foreign Minister Bob Carr in Sydney on November 2012, SmarTraveller is travel insurance campaign for Australians who would like to go overseas.

The $2.6 million travel insurance campaign warning traveller of the health and financial risks of travelling overseas while uninsured. Therefore, Australian travellers are being urged to take travel insurance before the go overseas and register their itinerary with SmartTraveller.

Targeted for young Australians who love to make overseas adventure holidays, the SmarTraveller travel insurance campaign is aimed to minimize the risk and make a lot of difference in term of hospitalisations, accidents and illnesses on the road.

The Australian Government features electronic advertisement and postcards of Erin Langworthy, a young Australian who fell 110 metres into a river in Zambia in 2011 after her bungee cord broke. Erin Langworthy’s travel insurance covered high-quality hospital treatment and around $50,000 in medical expenses.

As part of the campaign strategy, a Smartraveller iPhone App offering location-aware travel advice and the ability to register travel plans without an internet connection. A new Facebook page also created to share views with other travellers on how to travel more safely. To gain more exposure, a Travel Tales competition also created offering travel voucher in return for safety related travel stories, photos and videos.

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