Change Your View, Brand Awareness Campaign by Holiday Inn

Reintroduce the hotel brand to the next generation of guests who might not be familiar with it

Global brand awareness marketing campaign by Holiday Inn, Change Your View.

Launched in August 2013 with TV commercials, “Change Your View” is Holiday Inn’s marketing campaign in order to reintroduce the hotel brand to the next generation of guests who might not be familiar with it.

The campaign has officially launched with the television commercial “Changing Together.” The commercial is airing on 15 major US networks and during primetime on NBC and ABC (both in primetime), CBS (NFL) HGTV. In addition, consumers will be able to see the commercials during hit programs such as America’s Got Talent and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The TV commercial will be complemented by a mix of digital, tablet and mobile placements, as well as online and social media communications. The campaign was devised by Ogilvy & Mather, with all media planning and buying for the Change Your View campaign handled by Mindshare. The ad was directed by Fredrik Callinggard and looks to show guests being treated like family regardless of whether they are travelling with family or on a business trip.

The TV commercial itself seamlessly combines the Holiday Inn brand’s renowned heritage with its innovative approach to meeting the ever-changing needs of the contemporary traveler. More than just a commercial, the Change Your View campaign is the next step in reintroducing an iconic brand to a new generation of guests who are not as familiar with the Holiday Inn brand offering today.

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