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#MeetSouthAfrica, Instagram Marketing Campaign by South Africa Tourism

Instagram based campaign aiming to share the experience of South Africa through the eyes of all local South Africans.

Launched by South Africa Tourism on October 2013, #MeetSouthAfrica is Instagram based campaign that aiming to share the experience of South Africa through the eyes of all local South Africans. Everyday people will curate a canvas of images that showcase why South Africa is so unique.

Instagram has shown dramatic growth rates as one of the top-rated mobile apps for photo sharing with over 1-million users in South Africa alone since its launch in 2010 and 150-million active monthly users. Over 55-million photos are shared instantly and simply on a daily basis. South Africa has also been featured on more than one occasion on Instagram’s brand blog as a country that has users with a large following.

Using well-known South African Instagram users as ambassadors, South African Tourism hopes to develop a loyal following of users of the mobile photo-sharing app that will help share the experiences that lie in wait for traveller’s coming to South Africa.

According Jan Hutton, Chief Marketing Officer at South African Tourism, showing South Africa through the eyes of the people will help South Africa connect the destination with potential travellers who are dreaming about their next holiday destination.

Through Instagram, South Africa want to show the world the beauty of the architecture, the quirkiness of the culture and the authenticity of the citizens through a unique set of photographs. The social media account of South Africa on Instagram depict South Africa and its diverse lifestyle offering through artists, musicians, photographers, tour guides, architects and the general public of Mzansi. The eclectic mix of ambassadors going forward will bring to the fore South Africa’s contemporary lifestyle and attractions, beyond the experiences that South Africa is already renowned for.

With a following of 90 000 strong on Instagram, renowned photographer, Gareth Pon (@GarethPon) assisting to launch the @MeetSouthAfrica account by being the first to post a picture. As the first ambassador on the account, Gareth posted images throughout the week, whereafter images will be posted by various other South Africans.

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