NorwayLights, Mobile App for Northern Lights by Visitnorway

NorwayLights, mobile app as winter tourism marketing campaign tools of Norway.

Released on end of November 2013, NorwayLights is a user-friendly northern lights forecast app with an overview of places known as “northern light cities” in Norway. The interface of the app is slick, yet simple, designed to provide nature-loving explorers guidelines in regards to when to go, where to go and how to get there. NorwayLights designed to help travelers who visit Norway and would like to experiencing the Northern Lights for themselves.

According to scientists, 2013 is said to be a record year for the Northern Lights. Now researchers predict the winter season of 2014/2015 to be another good year for spotting the Northern Lights as well.

According to the director of tourism in Norway, Per-Arne Tuftin, Arctic Norway is the best place in the world to see the Northern Lights. Norway is in the centre of the Northern Lights zone, so the probability of seeing the lights are very likely on any cloud-free night between October and March. Though the Northern Lights are visible in other countries, Northern Norway’s easy accessibility and optimal conditions make it one of the best places on Earth to see them.

During the last decade it has become easier to predict the weather and upcoming Northern Lights conditions. Accessibility and climate conditions make Northern Norway a great destination for experiencing the Northern Lights. Visitnorway wants to make this knowledge available to anyone interested in experiencing the Northern Lights for themselves and launches a brand new free mobile app, called NorwayLights.

Available for Andoid and iOS, NorwayLights will make it even easier to spot the northern lights at winter season. These are some feature highlights of the Norway lights app:

  • 3-day extended forecast.
  • Hourly forecast for today.
  • Recommendation on whether to anticipate northern light activities in a specific city in Norway or not.
  • Facts about the northern lights phenomenon.
  • Map which indicates your position relative to the cities in Norway.
  • Photo tips and other tips & tricks.
  • Short-cuts to flight and tour options.

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