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“Bunbury: Where You’re Free to Be” Campaign by The City of Bunbury

“Bunbury: Where You’re Free to Be”, the brand marketing campaign of The City of Bunbury, Australia.

Launched at Noovoh Restaurant on November 2013, “Bunbury: Where You’re Free to Be” is the tourism brand of the City of Bunbury, Australia.

“Bunbury: Where You’re Free to Be” tourism brand is showcased Bunbury’s diversity – an urban, cultured, city that is close to beautiful countryside, beaches and has a thriving food and wine industry. The new brand is also designed to give visitors a taste of what is on offer in the region and encourage them to experience it for themselves.

According Dee Smith, City of Bunbury Tourism and Events Team Leader, “Where You’re Free to Be” was selected and development of the overall positioning progressed. Since then Braincells – Perth based marketing company – and the Bunbury’s tourism team have been working together to progress the new brand identity, complete a photo shoot and progress tourism campaigns for 2013 calendar year.

As part of the tourism marketing strategy, a number of campaigns will rolled out over the coming months for both the domestic and international markets. Bunbury’s local tourism operators have been encouraged to support the brand by aligning it with their marketing to further emphasise the message.

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