Widen Your World, Brand Marketing Campaign by Turkish Airlines

New brand communication with new motto "Widen Your World" that replacing the old motto "Globally Yours".

Launched on December 2013, “Widen Your World” is the new brand communication and marketing campaign of Turkish Airlines. The new motto “Widen Your World” is replacing the old motto “Globally Yours”.

Turkish Airlines has positioned itself as an important player within the global aviation community. As the airlines has greatly expanded its place in the global aviation community, Turkish Airlines also has won a significant number of awards that reinforce this status.

In recent years, the “Globally Yours” motto substantially increased international awareness of these efforts by creating an image highlighting the development process while enhancing the brand. As the airlines moves into its future, the new motto “Widen Your World” is aimed as the new brand identity that emphasizes the impresive progress of the airline itself.

As part of the marketing campaign strategy, a dedicated microsite has been created by  Turlish Airlines, as well as series of video commercial, as the communication tools for the new brand identity. The new commercial film “Kobe vs Messi” was introduced at a press conference which was held on Wednesday, 3rd December at the Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, included the participations of Turkish Airlines CMO Faruk Çizmecioglu and the brand’s ambassador, Kobe Bryant.

Photos / Pictures / Images Gallery of Widen Your World Brand Campaign of Turkish Airlines.

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