#FranceIsInTheAir, Global Airline Campaign by Air France

New slogan of the new worldwide marketing and communication campaign of Air France.

Launched on March 2014 in the palatial reception rooms of France Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Air France, France is in the air” is the new slogan of the new worldwide marketing and communication campaign of Air France.

BEPC, the advertising agency which stands behind the new Air France tagline and campaign, explained that the tagline “Air France, France is in the air” is daring to be different to carry the ambitions of the Transform 2015 Plan. Daring to be different, the new campaign highlights the willingness of the carrier to be perceived youthful, dynamic and energetic and at the same time very French in its essence.

The new campaign consists of 6 visuals illustrating the services offered by Air France: the comfort of the A380, the new La Premiere cabin, the new Business cabin, gastronomy, the carrier’s network and SkyPriority (priority channels at more than 1,000 airports). It is supplemented by 12 visuals depicting iconic destinations served by Air France (Paris, New York, Brazil, China, Japan, Africa, Italy, etc.). In total, some 38 to 40 visuals were created for the campaign.

The visuals, created by the Argentine photographers Sofia & Mauro, create an effect of surprise by mixing heritage and modernity, while echoing Air France’s past as a renowned poster specialist. Pleasure, youth and vitality emerge from images of the Moulin Rouge, the French Revolution, the Sun King, master chefs and haute couture.

The airline’s eminently French character and the notion of the pleasure of travelling with Air France are illustrated in a fun, lively and exciting message, in line with the French lifestyle. The bright and offbeat tone creates a form of affinity and proximity with the public.

The official campaign “Air France, France is in the air” is planned to hit the media around the world with the start of the official summer schedule season 2014 on April 2, with coverage in Air France most promising or important markets(France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Switzerland in Europe, Senegal, Brazil, Canada and the USA in the Americas and in Asia, China/Hong Kong and Japan.

The campaign also will be seen on the internet, social and printed media and on the radio. The hashtag #franceisintheair is already seen on Air France official page on Facebook and Twitter.

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