E-Ramadan Content Market by DCIM

Dedicated market of all media content for the Holy month of Ramadan for buyers, sellers and service providers.

Launched by Dubai Internatinal Content Market (DCIM) on September 23 (2020), the “E-Ramadan Content Market” is an online event that dedicated for buyers and producers of all media content for the Holy month of Ramadan.

E-Ramadan Content Market will be held on January 19-20, 2021, and includes special programs for the Muslim community in the MENA region and around the globe.

E-Ramadan Content Market came in line with the new approach for DICM as the region’s first and most active player in the content market which aims to provide a dedicated platform to support all Ramadan related content for specific media outlets.

The online event will feature exclusive screenings, pre-event content browsing, virtual networking with selected clients and pre-scheduled e-meetings. The objective is to provide broadcasters and other content platforms with an engaging online experience that will optimise their business interactions for Ramadan programmes.

E-Ramadan Content Market will be organized by Index Conferences and Exhibitions. According Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of Index Holding, Dubai is the regional media hub, that plays a phenomenal role in the growth of the media entertainment and content market in the MENA region, bringing it on par with the highest international standards.

Aimed to filling the gap in the market, the E-Ramadan Content Market is the only dedicated event tailored to ease presentations and business meetings between E-Buyers, E-Sellers and service provider through a virtual portal. It will also give the opportunity for young talent and content producers to play a role in Ramadan’s media season.

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