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8D Escapes, Audio Visual Campaign by Tourism Australia

Take immersive journey, through 8D audio, to Australia, a country painted with a vivid rainbow of colours and enriched with unique and exotic sounds.

Released by Tourism Australia on September 28, 2020, 8D Escapes is series of tourism video campaign with 8D audio technology that aimed to take viewers on a sensory journey, immersing them in the unique sights, sounds and textures to iconic travel destinations in Austrlia.

At a time where people are craving travel experiences, but physically can’t, Tourism Austrlia wanted to create the next best thing. Giving people a real sense of being there in the moment.

Therefore, the 8D Escapes video series is designed to transport viewers from around the world into the heart of some of Australia’s most breathtaking destinations and keep them dreaming of all of the experiences awaiting them when they are able to travel to Australia again.

The videos have each been themed by colour – blue, red, magenta, green, black and white – to evoke a range of feelings and emotions, and showcase the visual diversity and vibrancy found in Australia, and provide inspiration for future holiday plans.

The 8D audio is not quite new and has been around couple years back. 8D audio technology itself is an audio effect that creates the illusion of hearing sounds from all around, as if you’re experiencing them firsthand. To fully experience the 8D effect, the best experience is listen it with headphones on.

In term of tourism, it is the first time a tourism body has utilised this technology for a video series.

Australia in 8D : Introduction, 8D Escapes
White : A Moment of Peace, 8D Escapes
Red : A Moment of Escape, 8D Escapes
Magenta : A Moment of Freedom, 8D Escapes
Green : A Moment of Relaxation, 8D Escapes
Blue : A Moment of Joy, 8D Escapes
Black: A Moment of Inspiration, 8D Escapes

The 8d Escapes’ videos are part of Tourism Australia’s renewed international content marketing program to drive traffic and engagement to its marketing channels.

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