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90 Day Finn, Free Relocation Package to Helsinki, Finland

Free 90-day relocation package to Helsinki, Finland for selected tech professionals.

Launched on November 4, 2020, the ’90 Day Finn’ is a program that offers a free 90-day relocation package to work remotely in Helsinki, Finland, for selected U.S. tech professionals.

Organized by Helsinki Business Hub, the entrants and their families are invited to enjoy work-life balance unique to Finland and guided to stay safe amidst the global pandemic in a city that is run based on a pragmatic, science-driven approach.

For the selected entrants, 90 Day Finn features City as a Service – an all-inclusive service bundle that unlocks the entire city, built to help international talent feel at home in Helsinki. City as Service provide selected applicants with a free 90-day relocation package for the entire family, as well as housing, daycare, schooling, and everything.

Interested participants can apply between 4 November, 2020 and 10 December, 2020. Helsinki Business Hub goes through the applications during the campaign time and can make the decision already earlier than 10 December, 2020.

Helsinki Business Hub will choose a maximum 15 participants. The chosen participants and non-elected applicants are informed during December 2020 and they will be interviewed. Organizer can contact the applicants already before the decision if additional information is needed.

The 90 stay will take place ideally starting from February 2021, but minor timetable changes are possible e.g. due to the chosen participants’ situation.

To apply, participants need to be over 18 and not currently live in Finland. In the decision Helsinki Business Hub priorities US citizens, but doesn’t limit the applicants to only US citizens. However, the participants will enter the country with Schengen visa, so the applicants have to have a right to apply for and have to be granted a Schengen visa. Anyone from Investor to employee and entrepreneur can apply for the program.

As part of the campaign, Helsinki Business Hub has created dedicated website ( and several video campaign to deliver the message.

90 Day Finn Campaign : Lauren
90 Day Finn campaign: Heini ja Michail
90 Day Finn Campaign : Harinder and Kalle

Update : December 26, 2020

Finland has received more than 5,300 applications in a month for a groundbreaking scheme offering foreign tech workers and their families the chance to relocate to the Nordic country for 90 days to see if they want to make the move permanent.

90-Day Finn scheme had sparked most interest in the US and Canada, which accounted for about 30% of applicants. The rest were spread evenly, with more than 50 Britons and one applicant from the south Pacific island of Vanuatu.

The majority had families and wanted to work remotely for their current employers, at least initially, Huurre said, while more than 800 were entrepreneurs seeking to launch startups, 60 were investors, and the remainder were job hunting.

The 90 Day Finn scheme is now closed. The program will provide successful applicants with all necessary official documentation, suitable housing, school or daycare for their children, remote working facilities, introductions to tech hubs and networks in and around Helsinki, and help with permanent residency.

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