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See You in 2021, Tourism Ad Campaign by CzechTourism

Foreign video ad campaign that aimed to stimulate tourism into the Czech Republic in 2021.

Launched by CzechTourism on November 25, 2020, the “See You in 2021” video ad campaign is aimed to stimulate tourism into the Czech Republic in 2021.

CzechTourism want to keep the Czech Republic in the consciousness of potential tourists who – if the pandemic situation develops positively – could visit in the summer season of 2021.

One of the most important for inbound tourism, the US market, was the first to see the advert broadcast on a major TV station, as well as on the large-screen ABC TV in Times Square, New York. The US is among the most important overseas markets for inbound tourism and brought CZK 7.82 billion to the Czech economy in 2018.

According to CzechTourism, there were 584,000 visitors from the United States to the Czech Republic in 2019. US tourists spent almost 1.5 million nights in accommodation, which is half a million more than Chinese visitors, 612,000 of whom visited the Czech Republic last year. US tourists stay for three to four nights and spend CZK 1,400 per day on average while visiting, plus CZK 3,000 prior to the trip on expenses such as flights and accommodation.

See you in 2021, Czech Tourism Video Ad Campaign

CzechTourism also launched the video ad on social media in over 20 countries across the globe.

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