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Work from Here, Working from Home Promotion by Expedia

Two-week "Work from Here" trips that built on the wanderer mindset of today’s work from anywhere professionals.

Launched on December 10, 2020, “Work from Here” is aimed to celebrates a new global culture that allows employees the freedom to balance work with travel.

Built on the wanderer mindset of today’s work from anywhere professionals, Expedia would like to inspire workers to think differently about their workspace to create happier, more productive experiences, which would benefit not only employees but also employers.

For those looking for a new outlook in 2021, Expedia’s special WFH trips is going on sale on Dec. 14 at 20:20 EST (8:20 PM EST) and sold out quickly. Workers who snag one of the six $20.20 WFH deals will receive a two-week stay for two at an Expedia VIP Access Property in April 2021. Offer is valid for either of the stated travel periods, April 1 through April 15, 2021 or April 16 through April 30, 2021, based on double occupancy and includes taxes and fees.

Behind the scene of the campaign, Expedia has surveyed 1,000 U.S. employees to uncover the desires and perceived benefits of working from a new location as part of its global WFH Report. Some of the most interesting U.S findings include:

  • Work-dreams are the new daydreams: Three in four people wish they could work from a new location to get a more exotic “office view,” and more than half (56%) want the trip to be for two weeks.
  • Dear family, wish you were here: 68% of respondents said they would leave their family at home for a couple weeks to work remote from a vacation spot.
  • “Work from Here” endorphins: Queue the smiles and exhales – U.S. remote workers say that a WFH trip will have real emotional benefits. The top three include: Feeling happy, excited and relaxed.
  • Being in paradise improves productivity: Two-thirds of people believe working from a vacation spot would benefit their work output.
  • Tighter family ties: Two in three people expect their relationship with their both partner and kids would improve if they could work from a new location.
Welcome to Work from Here (WFH) video campaign

Beyond the sweepstakes-like contest, Expedia is clearly trying to get people to think differently by appealing to the “wanderer mindset” of the working masses, encouraging house-bound employees to explore new places, sites and scenery.

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