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Sound Travel, 8D Audio Campaign by Imagine Your Korea

A trip to discover the sounds of Korea by rapper Rick Bridges and producer Squar, and make it to music.

Announced on Octiber 26, 2020, Sound Travel is the last episode of #Travelawish Remote Travel Project that initiated by Imagine Your Korea – Korea’s official tourism brand developed by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Remote Korea Travel Project itself is launched on August 7, 2020, as virtual tourism marketing campaign of Korea on different social media platform (Facebook, YouTube and Weibo). The campaign goes with all the fans around the world who love Korea.

Sound Travel, as part of the campaign, also invite fans to participate and tell which sounds of Korea if you could travel around Korea right now.

Rick and Squar, a music crew that makes music from the sounds of everyday life, will collect some sounds they would like to hear and make some music videos. The songs will be released for everyone to enjoy for free, and the participants in this event will have a chance to win some AirPods Pro or an autographed album from ITZY.

As result, Rick & Squar traveled around to Noryangjin Station, Deoksugung Palace and Banpo Hangang Park to record the sounds of Seoul. From the sounds of the subway to the sounds of people crossing the crosswalk to the clinks of soju glasses.

Lost in Seoul, The Real Sounds of Seoul

On November 23, 2020, groove music, made from the real sounds of Seoul by Rick & Squar, has been released for everyone to enjoy for free.

Lost in Seoul – 8D Music Video

Just after explored Seoul, Rick & Squar countinue their journey to Gangneung. With the smell of the wide-open sea and warm coffee, they recorded the sound of blue youth.

Discovering The Sounds of Korean Coastal Cities

As result, a music video entitled “Youth is BLUE” is released on December 7, 2020, for everyone who love Korea.

Youth is BLUE – 8D Music Video
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