SuperHosts, SuperBrew!, America’s Airbnb SuperHosts Program by Clio Coffee

Custom designed program for Airbnb Superhosts to offer their guests the best coffee experience.

Launched on December 29, 2020, “Superhosts, SuperBrew is custom coffee excellence program that designed for Airbnb Superhosts to offer their guests the best coffee experience.

Clio Coffee is inviting Airbnb Superhosts to upgrade their coffee experience by offering them a free luxury Clio Brewer and a super deal on Clio pods. For those who want to participate, they can apply just sending an email to with name, email, social media links and link to Airbnb page. Once they receive the brewer, the Airbnb Superhosts should tag Clio Coffee on social @cliocoffee and put #SuperHostsSuperBrew hashtag.

According to Clio, the best Airbnb hosts offer the best coffee. Period. So they’re making it easier for Airbnb superhosts to do just so. Clio want to help them elevate their guests’ morning routine with ease. Clio also excited to upgrade as many Airbnb Superhosts as they can, so that guests across America have access to a five-star coffee experience when staying at an Airbnb.

For most people, coffee is a non-negotiable ritual – even when on the road. Based on a survey delving into consumer coffee habits when traveling, nearly 60% of respondents say availability of good cup of coffee at an Airbnb rental or hotel is important to them, as a good cup of Joe can’t always be found on the road. It’s also apparent from the responses that making a luxurious cup of coffee when staying in a hotel or Airbnb hasn’t always been so accessible, as the survey revealed HALF of respondents either always or sometimes bring their own coffee when traveling!

Conducted on behalf of Clio Coffee, the survey of 2,093 Americans also revealed additional interesting insights surrounding their traveling caffeine routine. 48.3% of respondents feel that at-home coffee is better quality than café coffee, with the biggest reason being the comfort and love of their morning ritual (41%).

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