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Walkshire, Walking Tourism Campaign by Welcome to Yorkshire

Exxplore the destination that known for some of the most beautiful countryside and coastal walks on the planet on foot.

Launched January 2, 2021, Walkshire is walking campaign, designed by Welcome to Yorkshire, that aimed to help people discover the county on foot in 2021.

As tourism campaign, Walkshire is encouraging people to take a walk every day for a year in Yorkshire and discover the county on foot. The walks will cover all corners of the county, covering the countryside as well as towns and cities.

According Welcome to Yorkshire, the county’s destination marketing organization (DMO), 2020 has been a tricky year for all and certainly a time to reflect on the importance of health and well-being. Therefore, the better way to start the new year and continue through 2021 is promoting walking in Yorkshire.

Walkshire is the most inclusive of tourism campaigns and it hoped that visitors in and out of county will understand the rich depth and layers of the campaign. Everyone and everything will be included.

Welcome to Walkshire video ad campaign

There are four big seasonal walks planned, along with a special event for Yorkshire Day on 1 August. There will also be an event replacing this year’s postponed Tour de Yorkshire cycle race, named ‘Tour de Walkshire’ by organisers.

People will be invited to participate in Walkshire by sharing their own favourite walks and inspire others by using the hashtag #Walkshire.

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