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Color Your Korea, Visual Journey to The Land of Morning Calm

Experience the Land of Morning Calm through its color, and imagine your future holiday plans.

Released by Imagine Your Korea on January 6, 2021, “Color Your Korea” is video campaign that aimed to evoke a range of feelings and emotions, and showcase the visual diversity and vibrancy found in Korea, and provide inspiration for future holiday plans.

Korea is also painted with a colours and enriched with unique and exotic landmarks. As part of “Travel-a-Wish” remote travel project campaign, the Color Your Korea video showcase 6 color as the visual diversity and vibrancy that Korea is distinctly known for. Its color also has its own unique charm.

Traditionally, Koreans incorporated five cardinal colors into many aspects of daily life and tradition. The cultural integration of color stems from principles of Eastern religions such as Confucianism and Buddhism. The cardinal colors are associated with the five directions and elements.

These traditional colors of Korea often appear in Korean clothing, celebrations, martial arts, architecture, art, food and symbols. A sixth color, green, has also grown to have cultural significance in Korea.

By the charm of each color, all fans of Korea are invited pick their favourite color and imagine their future holiday plans. Whether its inspired by Blue, touched by Yellow, healed by Green, energized by Indigo, ignited by Red or balanced by Purple, the campaign send a message : “It’s time to color your Korea!”.

Color Your Korea tourism video campaign
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