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ga-G, Korea Railroad Ticketing System Now on Google Maps

Travelers can now book Korea train tickets directly on Google Maps through ga-G, in their favourite languages, and on their favourite messenger. No app installation is needed.

Traveling made easy. Launched in 2018, ga-G is a smart transportation chatbot service operated by Korea Railroad (Korail) and Ntuple in South Korea. ga-G is created to convenience the travelers, providing train and travel services via fast and secure API connections with partners enabled by SyncTree, a ‘No-Code API Solution’ by Ntuple.

As smart Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, ga-G makes it much easier for travelers to not only find directions but buy tickets in real-time for all types of trains operated by Korail. Booking hotels and rental cars and finding travel content are also available in ga-G.

The most interesting part is no app installation needed. As users of ga-G, travelers could find directions, book train tickets, file subway complaints, lodging, rental cars, airline tickets, and ferries, all without installing any app.

On January 7, 2021, Ntuple annaounced ga-G’s partnership with Google maps that make travelers can book train tickets directly on Google Maps through ga-G, as well as other booking services.

ga-G is available on Kakao Talk, LINE and Facebook Messenger, and and is coming soon on WeChat, WhatsApp and Viber.

ga-G – smart transportation platform video

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