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Crafts of Vietnam, Authenticity of Vietnamese Cultural Tourism

Unscene the stories of craft villages, a place where artisans create products the same way they have for decades.

Vietnam today is a country alive with all manner of traditional arts and crafts. Each year countless people flock to Vietnam to explore the country’s hidden culture.

Released for the first time on September 2, 2020, Crafts of Vietnam tell us the stories about craft villages, a place where artisans create products the same way they have for decades.

Highly skilled traditional crafts are embedded in Vietnam’s culture and history that many place names relate to the specific craft that was once, and is once again, being practiced there. The same goes for street names such as in Hanoi, where the names give an indication of the particular occupation, production process, or material that the street was initially known for, and is now being known for again.

The video series of Crafts of Vietnam is aimed to show us how Vietnam’s time-honoured crafts are made and used in everyday life.

Crafts of Vietnam tourism video campaign

Many Vietnamese grew up with the soothing scent of incense burning. The scent calms and reminds us all to be more present. Discover how one batch of incense sticks is made from scratch in a craft village in Hue.

Crafts of Vietnam : Traditional Incense

Bamboo is part of Vietnamese culture. This sustainable material is present in the kitchens, bedrooms, and most other living spaces. Experience the journey to a bamboo basket weaving village and watch as the meticulous process unfolds.

Crafts of Vitenam : Bamboo Basket Weaving

Sình Village in the Hue countryside is famous for its unique style of woodblock painting, a traditional art form that has been practiced in Vietnam for centuries. Every year, the village creates a new calendar featuring an aspect of local life, such as folk games, musical instruments, or Hue costumes. Step inside the artist’s workshop to see how these calendars are made.

Crafts of Vietnam : Woodblock Paintings

Promoting artisanal Vietnamese craftsmanship is a way to introduce the local authenticity of Vietnam tourism as travel destination.

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