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New Contactless Ordering Starter Kit for Hospitality Operators by GoTab

Affordable, quick and easy-to-implement contactless ordering solution for dine-in, takeout and delivery operations.

Unveiled by GoTab, a restaurant commerce platform (RCP), on January 12, 2021, the new Contactless Ordering Starter Kit is designed to equip hopitality operators with all the hardware and software needed to run contactless dine-in, takeout, delivery, retail commerce and even set up ghost kitchen operations.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 is challenging many restaurants, breweries, bars, hotels and hospitality venues to navigate pandemic-related restrictions. It is also offering the opportunity to reengineer business operations, seek out new revenue streams, reopen dining rooms or launch new hospitality concepts.

As hospitality operators across the country consider new ways to operate or look to launch new concepts in 2021, the new offering also provides them with tools to accept all forms of payment, from cardless (mobile) transactions to card and cash payments.

GoTab’s Starter Kit includes a POS terminal, a standing mount, a PAX payment terminal, POS software, payment processing and 24/7 Live Customer Support, all for a one-time, nominal fee of $600. The GoTab POS provides traditional POS features, while seamlessly integrating contactless ordering and pay-at-table capabilities.

All elements of the Starter Kit can be set up quickly and seamlessly, ensuring that operators have access to innovative features and ordering and delivery capabilities in less than 24 hours.

According to GoTab, the Contactless Ordering Starter Kit has all the tools needed for operators to effectively serve their customers, run profitable operations and easily pivot between dine-in service, takeout, curbside pickup and delivery, catering, and retail market services.

Espita’s Contactless Ordering with GoTab

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