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Antarctic Protector Parka, World’s First Expedition Jacket Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Designed and engineered expedition-grade apparel for people living and working in the most extreme environments.

On January 5, 2021, on the 99th anniversary of Ernest Shackleton’s death, Shackleton announce its mission to PROTECT Antarctica, in partnership with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE).

To mark the launch of the partnership, Shackleton has developed the Antarctic Protector Parka, a world-first expedition-grade performance jacket made from recycled from recycled and recyclable materials (the outer shell is made from 27 post-consumer plastic bottles).

The Antarctic Protector Parka has been developed for BLUE’s field operatives working in Antarctica’s coastal zones which combine some of the wettest, windiest and coldest conditions anywhere in the world. Post-consumer plastic bottles have been recycled and repurposed to create the fully waterproof shell and RDS-certified 95/5 800-fill goose down provides insulation down to -25ºC.

According to Shackleton, the jacket is designed and engineered as expedition-grade apparel for people living and working in the most extreme environments. For Antarctica’s coast, that means seam-sealed waterproofing of minimum 20,000 H/H and insulation to minus 25. Shackleton believe the Antarctic Protector Parka is the first jacket to hit this performance standard using fully recycled fabrics.

The Antarctic Protector Parka collaboration is part of a wider partnership between Shackleton and BLUE to campaign for the protection of Antarctica. Antarctica’s coast is under serious threat: as global warming melts the ice and the waters become more accessible, pressure is mounting from industrial fishing fleets, mining operations and unregulated tourism, threatening vital feeding grounds and habitats for thousands of species.

The Antarctic Protector Parka has been designed in Britain, made in Italy, and strictly limited to 100 units only. Shackleton will donate £100 to BLUE for every jacket sold.

Protecting Antarctica video campaign, Shackleton x Blue Marine Foundation
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