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COVID-19 Safety Training, Live Online Classes by Academy for Hospitality Arts

COVID-19 pandemic safety training courses to help hospitality workers prepare for re-openings and make it safer than before.

COVID-19 still remains an issue for dining establishments, even with vaccine distribution. Therefore, foodservice professionals need ensure hotels and restaurants reopen and remain open safely.

Launched by The Academy for Hospitality Arts (AHA) on January 13, 2021, the COVID-19 safety training courses is aimed to help hospitality workers prepare for re-openings. The AHA has overhauled its education to meet the most stringent health standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

According to AHA, COVID-19 safety standards have raised the bar like never before. The AHA has been working behind the scenes to:

  • educate service industry workers on how to mitigate the spread of the virus
  • train front-of-house management with the highest standards of safety, sanitation, and compliance
  • make sure restaurants, hotels, and events can re-open and remain open safely

There are two specific programs to ensure an individual is ready to get back to work:

  • COVID-19 Readiness Program (CRC) for wait staff and servers
  • COVID Hospitality Compliance Officer (CHCO), for management

The CRC and CHCO safety training mission is to reinforce a culture of safety for staff and guests and help businesses avoid costly fines.

COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Training video campaign

Anyone interested in learning more about the AHA’s COVID-19 safety training courses can register for the live training or visit the AHA website for details.

Live online classes begin January 26, 2021, and will be available online and instructor-led through accredited colleges and universities as part of a partnership between Lovegevity University and the Academy for Hospitality Arts.

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