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#VanuatuMoments, Post-pandemic Sustainable Tourism Campaign by Vanuatu Tourism Office

Keeping Vanuatu's warm spirit alive and ensuring the destination is front-of-mind when consumers are able to travel again.

Announced on January 25th, 2021, #VanuatuMoments is post-pandemic sustainable tourism campaign that aimed to encourage tourists to return to the country once travel restrictions are lifted.

Launched by the marketing agency for Vanuatu’s Department of Tourism, the ‘Vanuatu Tourism Office,’ the marketing campaign run under the slogan ‘We’ll Keep it Beautiful for You.’. The campaign also features locals showing how they are keeping the country beautiful using the hashtag #VanuatuMoments shared by the Vanuatu Tourism Office through its Facebook and Instagram channels.

Vanuatu is the first country in the South Pacific to base its Sustainable Tourism Policy on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria for sustainable destinations and the first country to receive Sustainable Tourism Training by the GSTC to promote the implementation of the Policy, including training for third party auditors to be used by the Vanuatu Department of Tourism.

The overarching vision of Vanuatu’s Sustainable Tourism Policy is “to protect and celebrate Vanuatu’s unique environment, culture, custom and people through sustainable and responsible tourism.”

The Policy includes five goals:

  1. to develop and manage a sustainable and responsible tourism industry;
  2. visitors connect with Vanuatu’s environment, culture, and its people;
  3. sustainable and responsible tourism products and services developed, supported, and marketed to attract responsible, high-value tourists;
  4. tourism that enhances, conserves, and protects the environmental and cultural resources of Vanuatu; and
  5. sustainable and responsible tourism brings improved income and well-being for Vanuatu and its people.

Vanuatu Government hopes that the new campaign will help sustain this momentum once the current situation passes, by keeping Vanuatu’s warm spirit alive and ensuring the destination is front-of-mind when consumers are able to travel again.

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