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Virtual Tourism Campaign of Otley UK, Make A Digital Day of It

Otley is open for online business, event there is no substitute for visiting Otley in person.

Adapted from Otley’s usual Make a Day of It slogan, Make a Digital Day of It is the new online tourism campaign of Otley, a town, which bridges cosmopolitan Leeds and the Yorkshire Dales.

Launched on January 28, 2021, the online tourism campaign is aimed to encourage Otley’s cyber tourism and as an effort to lure more cyber visitors.

As the coronavirus pandemic showing few signs of abating, the historic market town of Otley is turning to new technology and invite people to explore the town, all from the comfort of their armchair.

Virtual Walking Trails Tour of Otley, UK

As part of the campaign, Otley has digitised its four main walking trails via Google Earth. These trails are ordinarily available as foldable paper maps from Otley Town Council’s offices and local shops during non-Covid times. Now, people can ‘fly’ over the town’s cobbled streets and alleys via Google Maps to visit sites such as beautiful Wharfedale Park by the River Wharfe, climb 282m (925ft) Otley Chevin and see the statue of the town’s most famous son, cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale.

The four trails that have been digitised are:

  • Otley History Trail – a walk around some of the town’s most historic sites, including the Norman-era All Saints Parish Church, the Navvies Memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives building the country’s railways and canals, and Market Place where Oliver Cromwell’s troops gathered on the eve of the 1644 Battle of Marston Moor that proved pivotal in the English Civil War,
  • Otley Unique Shopping Trail – a stroll around some of the town’s best independent shops, such as chocolatier-to-the-stars Patisserie Viennoise, award-winning artisan bakers and supplier to Harvey Nicholls Bondgate Bakery, and no-waste refill store Like Nana Did,
  • Otley Family Riverside Walk – a circular walk around beautiful River Wharfe locations, including Wharfemeadows Park, Tittybottle Park (named after the Victorian mothers who would nurse their children here), and Gallows Hill, where old sewage works have been reclaimed and transformed into a thriving nature reserve,
  • Best of Otley – highlights from the three other trails condensed into one easy-to-follow map.

Online Events & Classes

The new section also features links to online courses and events taking place in the town, allowing fans of local musicians such as the Otley Ukulele Orchestra to still catch their performances or for people to take in concerts such as the Online Otley Music Festival.

Online Shopping

A third part of the Make A Digital Day Of It section links visitors to Otley’s consumer business website Buy In Otley ( – and specifically to the section that details all the town’s businesses that offer delivery and click-and-collect services during the pandemic. These include one of the country’s top model shops Model Sport and leading ski and snowboard company Glide & Slide.

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