8D Sounds of Travel, Audio Visual Journey with Etihad Airways

Dream now, visit later. Let your imagination travel and experience it through 8D sound with Etihad Airways.

At a time where people are craving travel experiences, but physically can’t, Etihad wanted to create the next best thing, a moment of escapism for the people who feeling nostalgic over airplane boarding music or other sounds of travel.

Released for the first time on June 2020, Etihad’s visual journey through 8D sound is designed to keep future travellers dreaming of all of the experiences awaiting in the most iconic destinations and fly with Etihad Airways.

The 8D audio effect mixes sound in a 360-degree space, creating an uncanny, experiential feeling of total immersion. For the uninitiated, 8D audio is a sound engineering treatment that, when the viewer wears headphones, gives the music and sounds a three-dimensional effect, thereby putting viewers in the middle of some of the most iconic destinations.

Through 8D audio sound, Etihad invite people to let the imagination travel to their dream destination – from the shores of their favourite island, tranquility of the nature, to the busy streets of a new city. Once travel resumes, they can travel and visit it with Etihad.

Meditative 8D Ocean Sounds video campaign
Meditative 8D Nature Sounds video campaign
8D City Sounds video campaign
8D Meditative River Sounds video campaign
8D Manchester City Stadiun Sounds video campaign
Abu Dhabi GP Binaural Sound video campaign
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