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MICE Marketing Campign of Winston-Salem, We’ve Got You Covered

Winston-Salem's Got You Covered, safety-focused marketing campaign to reassure visitors during COVID-19 pandemic

Announced on the end of January 2021, “Winston-Salem’s Got You Covered” is the latest marketing campaign of Winston-Salem tourism agency that aimed to appeal tourists, conventions and sports groups that are cautiously inching forward in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Targeted at state, regional and national meeting planners, along with more than 450 meeting and convention clients, the campaign blends a montage of local destination and hotel settings with a message emphasizing heightened safety measures to reassure travelers and guests.

The campaign features a 16-page meeting planner guide and a branded face covering reinforcing that Winston-Salem and the Benton Convention Center “have them safely covered.”

Meeting and convention bookings account for more than 30% of the Forsyth County hotel occupancy, a key portion of the taxes those hotel room stays generate. Visit Winston-Salem entered fiscal 2019-20 with a record $4.85 million budget, of which $4.16 million was estimated to come from the county’s hotel occupancy tax.

According to Visit NC reports, the local tourism industry was coming off a fiscal 2019 in which it was projected to have surpassed the $1 billion mark in visitor spending for the first time, as well as approach a record 1.9 million to 2 million visitors.

We’ve Got You Covered video campaign

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