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#ToTheStarsKS, Social Media Marketing Campaign of Kansas Tourism

Celebration of 160 years of Kansas, the Sunflower State, entered the union and became the 34th state.

Launched by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism on January 29, 2021, “To The Stars” is a social media campaign that bring hopes to honor the Sunflower State on its 160th birthday.

Kansas Tourism launched the tagline in June 2020 in tribute to the state’s motto, Ad Astra Per Aspera. The Latin phrase means “to the stars through difficulties”.

The social media campaign itself is designed in format that allows flexibility and creativity in sharing what makes Kansas special to each individual. Its a way for everyone to share in a toast to Kansas state on its 160th birthday.

As part of the campaign strategy, everyone, near and far, are also invited to participate by sharing photos and videos to their davourite social media platforms and tagging their media with #ToTheStarsKS.

As example for the participation, Kansas Tourism also provide a guidelines fo them who want to share the media :

  • Choose a photo or video of a beloved Kansas trait, person, historical figure, place, or anything that makes Kansas special. Be creative!
  • Create a post on your social media channels using “To The __” (insert your word/person/place/trait here). Examples: “To The Beautiful!” or ‘To The Kaw River!”
  • Continue the post with more details about what you’re celebrating, what Kansas means to you, or why you chose your word. Example: “Today I’m celebrating the state with the best sunsets anywhere! #ToTheStarsKS”
  • Use #ToTheStarsKS with every post.

As part of the communication, a video campaign also has been created by Kansas Tourism and shared on their social media channel.

To The Stars, Kansas Tourism video campaign
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