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Work from Nova Scotia, Working Remotely in New Zealand of North America

Work from Nova Scotia, Working Remotely in New Zealand of North America

Released on January 20, 2021, “Work from Nova Scotia” is the new work-from-home that aimed to draw in people who are looking for a new, permanent place to live, or people who want to work from the province for a few months at a time.

The Work from Nova Scotia campaign came about out of a recognition that people are working from anywhere now. According to Statistics Canada estimation, nearly 40 per cent of Canadian workers telecommuted during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to about 10 to 13 per cent in previous years.

The online campaign is targeted to people within Canada looking for a new place to live because they can now work remotely. The goal of the campaign is to welcome 15,000 migrants to Nova Scotia by the end of 2021, doubling last year’s number. It also focuses on two parts of the population, lifestyle migrants – those who will permanently relocate based on a desire for a better quality of life – and digital nomads, who travel on a more frequent basis and choose a location on more temporary time frames.

As part of the campaign, a new website – – has been developed to support and act as the main hub. Several shot video also has been produced, boasting the joys of living in Nova Scotia as a way to entice people across Canada to move to the province as now that working from home is becoming the norm.

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