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The Wonder Remains, Destination Marketing Campaign by Visit Orlando

No matter what happens, Orlando is still Orlando, full of fun memories to reconnect with what matters most.

Launched on February 9, 2021, “The Wonder Remains” is the new destination campaign of Orlando that targeted in key markets out-of-state for the first time since the pandemic began.

As part of the new $2.2 million marketing campaign, new commercial has beed created featuring Central Florida’s biggest theme parks and a few of Orlando’s natural outdoor attractions.

According Visit Orlando, The Wonder Remains campaign isn’t just targeting Floridians, but tourists from other parts of the country for Spring Break and summer vacation travel. The new ad campaign also won’t be the same as in pre-pandemic years when the agency targeted visitors worldwide.

Focused on local staycations, The Wonder Remains campaign is aimed at the southeast U.S., also called the drive market. The new campaign will be a full include TV, radio, magazine ads and target states like Georgia, Alabama and the southeast.

The campaign also invites those people that are ready to travel and informs them that Orlando is open and a safe place to work.

The Wonder Remains in Orlando video commercial advert

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