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@HOME in Curaçao, Remote Work Program for Remote Workers, Hibernators and Investors

A long-term stay program by The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao for remote workers, hibernators, and investors.

Debuted on February 11, 2021, “@HOME in Curaçao” is remote work like program that designed to extend the length of stay on the island for remote workers and other long-stay candidates including investors.

The @HOME in Curacao is based on the idea of red carpet for tourists who would like to live in Curaçao for half a year, while providing their services to companies and customers abroad, i.e. the “digital nomads” and “remote workers”. In addition to someone who works remotely, the program can also for someone who wants to flee the cold weather in his own country and comes to spend the winter on the island, the so-called “hibernators” or “snow birds”.

The initiative is the result of a collaboration between the ministries of MEO, Justice and Social Development, Labor and Welfare (SOAW) and the CTB tourist office. The target of @HOME in Curacao program is approximately 625 interested parties.

The @HOME in Curacao program allows approved applicants to stay for a maximum period of six months on the island, with a possible extension for another six months. The application costs $294, and applicants need to show proof of employment, international travel insurance (there’s also an option to buy local insurance), and comply with the island’s COVID requirements.

As part of the communication campaign strategy, a brand new website ( has been developed. The application form can be submitted online in English, Spanish or Dutch as required. This is accompanied by a number of documents, such as a copy of a passport, a health certificate and health insurance.

Curacao joins destinations like The Bahamas, Antigua, the Cayman Islands and Barbados that have launched options for remote workers and long-term visitors.

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