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Just Wow, Brand Campaign by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia

Brand campaign that designed to encourage Australians by creating a sense of excitement to go and experience the magic for themselves

Launched on February 15, 2021, “Just Wow” is new brand campaign of Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia that aimed to change the Australians’ perception of Uluru as “just a stone” and instead celebrates it as a travel destination with a wealth of indigenous experiences.

Created by Sydney agency BMF, the “Just Wow” brand campaign is the first in 10 years. By using the the brand platform “Just Wow” to describe the awe of visiting a place as special as Uluru, the campaign is designed to encourage Australians to get Uluru off the bucket list and onto their “to do” list creating a sense of excitement to go and experience the magic for themselves.

According Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, the intent for the new brand campaign platform is to actively drive a sense of urgency to encourage visitation to one of the most iconic destinations in the world.

By showcasing the multitude of things to do and see from five-star culinary experiences to stargazing with an indigenous guide, and sunset heli tours to exploring Uluru on a segway, the campaign is also letting the audience know that this is a destination for all ages and interests.

As part of the campaign, several video commercial ads have been created by the involvement with the local Anangu community that heavily involved in the creation and production of the campaign.

As result, the campaign communication tools achieved through the heavy use of visuals and by working with the Anangu Iwiri Choir, who produced a bespoke piece cappella music composed, scored for the films, which can be seen and heard both here and here. Their song in Pitjantjatjara translates as: “Come and see our beautiful country.”

Just Wow – Camel Excursion video ad campaign
Just Wow – Field of Light video ad campaign
Just WOW – Segway video ad campaign

The “Just Wow” brand campaign is planned to run through TV, print, outdoor and digital – as well as social media.

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