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Postal Events, One-Stop-Shop Virtual Event Marketplace for Sales and Marketers

One-stop shop for virtual events, from finding event vendors, drive live attendees, to track event supplies shipments.

Announced on February 17, 2021, Postal Events is a new product offering of Postal’s Experience Marketing Platform where direct mail, gifts, company swag, and now, memorable virtual events come together in one place to help sales and marketers break through the noise of saturated digital channels.

As virtual event marketplace, Postal Events’ customers can now book talent from hundreds of options, manage the invite and registration process, and trigger the automatic sending of attendee event kits to ensure they land on the right doorstep at the exact right time. Integrations with video conferencing software, CRM, and Marketing Automation tools such as Zoom, Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot help track event ROI while budgeting can be managed through Postal’s billing system.

Marketers have been hosting virtual events for the last year and it added a new layer of complexity to their jobs. The virtual event format was new to many of them: the technology was still emerging, and the speed at which most of these events came online didn’t allow anyone to get truly creative. And one of the major oversights in virtual was the lack of alignment with sales.

At the time where customer experience is everything, Postal, as a platform, is a one-stop shop where we could find event vendors, create a registration landing page, drive live attendees, and track event supplies shipments. Postal provides everything you need to deliver a curated event start to finish that customers actually want to attend.

According to Postal, one of the biggest points of differentiation with Postal’s virtual experiences are the event kits sent to the attendee’s doorstep. By sending physical touch points connected to event experiences, Postal is able to increase pre-event attendance, anticipation, and live attendance rates – which has been a key metric that has suffered in the switch to virtual. Most marketers haven’t been able to easily manage the logistics of sourcing and shipping event kits at scale – especially within the new reality of distributed workforces.

With Postal, sales is finally connected to the virtual event ecosystem as well. Sales teams can initiate invitations and build important one-to-one relationships. Prospects are more likely to open and attend an event because of a personalized invitation. Once the invitation is accepted, reminder emails are automated and initiated from their point of contact, increasing their familiarity with the prospect.

Postal Events announcement video
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