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#BigEnglishWineEaster, Social Movement Campaign for Local Business

Social media based initiative to support the English wine industry and the hospitality sector in these difficult times.

Announced on February 25, 2021, #BigEnglishWineEaster campaign is social media based activity campaign on Easter weekend to support the English wine industry and the hospitality sector in these difficult times.

The #BigEnglishWineEaster hashtag itself is the successor of last year campaign hashtag #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday, as the campaign will return this year.

Last year’s hashtag, started inadvertently by Jacob Leadley, chief executive and winemaker of Black Chalk, saw producers take part in a flurry of social media activity encouraging consumers to purchase wines from their local vineyards.

The 2020 campaign came about when Leadley sent out a tweet one Friday evening in the early days of lockdown: “If every person in the UK that loves English or Welsh wine bought a bottle direct from their favourite producer I think we might secure an entire industry and their workforce on one very enjoyable evening.” This evolved into the hashtag #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday, which went viral amongst the UK wine industry and beyond. The day itself saw the hashtag trending on twitter, and participating wineries reporting significant sales spikes for the weekend.

Under the new hashtag #BigEnglishWineEaster, this year’s event, which is being organised by Leadley and WineGB, aims to broaden its reach across the wine trade and support those most in need.

The focus of this year’s incarnation will be a social media takeover, with winemakers, the trade at large and wine lovers everywhere, encouraged to open a bottle of English wine and share a photo or video, with the hashtags #bigenglishwineeaster and #BEWE, between 7pm and 8pm on Saturday, April 3.

The campaign will preview from Monday March 22 with a series of online events and social media posts hosted by an army of English wine supporters. This year, producers will be invited to contribute a percentage of their sales over the weekend to two charities: The Drinks Trust and Hospitality Action. A raffle with contributions from English producers will raise further funds.

Leadley is keen to get the wider UK wine industry involved this year; retailers and those restaurants able to operate will be invited to take part.

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