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Homeownership Financial Incentive for Remote Workers by Tulsa Remote

USD 10,000 financial incentive to buy a home in Tulsa for (selected) remote workers with full-time jobs.

Announced by on Feruary 23, 2021, the new homeownership initiative is the new program of Tulsa Remote to lure remote workers to Tulsa with a $10,000 grant that now be received upfront and applied directly to the purchase of a home.

According to Tulsa Remote, accepted Tulsa Remote members now have the option to receive the full cash grant upon the purchase of a residential property. Previously, the cash grant would be paid out in installments throughout the duration of the member’s first year in the program, which will remain an option for members.

Saving for a down payment can be one of the largest barriers to homeownership. This initiative aims to eliminate that obstacle by offering individuals $10,000 upfront towards the purchase of a home in Tulsa. With a median home price in Tulsa of $157,000, the Tulsa Remote grant can be used to cover nearly one third of a down payment on average.

The new offering is also aimed to attract remote workers from across the nation to purchase a home in Tulsa (a goal often unattainable in many cities across the United States) and stay in the community for the long term.

Through this initiative, Tulsa Remote is proving its commitment to helping young professionals, families, and entrepreneurs attain the dream of homeownership, explore new experiences and establish roots in an urban city.

The new homeownership initiative is the latest example of Oklahoma’s drive to put itself on the map, at least to tech-centric startups, engineers and other highly skilled workers.

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