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Indigenous Stories, Local Authenticity Campaign of Northwest Territories

Authentic experience of the unique landscapes and indigenous culture in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Debuted for the first time on June 2020, “Indigenous Stories” is series of video campaign that tell us about the authentic experience of the unique landscapes and culture in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

The rich Indigenous cultures in the Northwest Territories is something that sets The Land of the Midnight Sun apart from other travel destinations and creates unforgettable experiences. From Northern Lights chasing to cultural healing, Indigenous tourism in Canada is on the rise.

The Northwest Territories is home to Indigenous stories and histories as old as the land itself. It’s a place where we can learn the wisdom of storytelling handed down through generations and move through the land with an Indigenous guide.

Take the time to listen to the mesmerizing legends of the Aurora and then bask in the spectacular glow of our northern lights. Any season, you can hunt, fish, or gather food and experience Northern delicacies from around the fire or at a community feast.

The video campaign series also send messages that Indigenous experiences are the enduring heart of the Northwest Territories’ timeless land and they make it as unique as the people who call it home.

Indigenous Stories: Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada video campaign
Indigenous Stories: Aurora Village video campaign
Indigenous Stories: Bobby Norwegian video campaign
Indigenous Stories: Tundra North Tours video campaign
Indigenous Stories: NARWAL Northern Adventures video campaign

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