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Remote Work Program of New Brunswick, Live for The Moment NB

Working remotely in the Eastern Canada, and Live for The Moment in New Brunswick.

Announced on March 11, 2021, ‘Live for The Moment NB’ is the campaign of New Brunswick that aimed to help draw remote workers to the province.

Live for The Moment NB video advert

New Brunswick, together with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, is part of The Maritimes. Its a region of Eastern Canada that fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the rolling sea, beaches, lush green forests, lakes and farmland. All of this, combined with our growing cities and low cost of living, makes the Maritimes one of the most enjoyable places to live.

As the new work-from-anywhere culture lets professionals work for an employer in one location but live in another, the Live for the Moment campaign highlight the attractive factors that New Brunswick boasts. This includes affordability, work/life balance, and a great geographic location.

Backed by business and economic development agencies within the province, the Live for the Moment campaign will be piloted for eight weeks before it is evaluated and changed to address the feedback it receives.

As part of the remote work program, targeted ads, an interactive website and a 1-800 call line are included in the Live for the Moment campaign to help reach a larger audience.

The campaign is also seek individuals between the age of 25-35 years old who currently live in large urban cities as the targeted demographic.

New Brunswick: A New Perspective on Opportunity

A similiar program that targeted remote workers also has been running for Nova Scotia through “Work from Nova Scotia” campaign.

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