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2021 Spring Tourism Marketing Campaign of Missouri, Find Your M-O

Statewide marketing to attract visitors with a campaign built around a Black woman named Mo.

Launched by Missouri Division of Tourism on March 2021, “Find Your M-O” is the latest effort of Missouri to attract visitors leans on a campaign built around a Black woman named Mo.

Ashley Santana, a St. Louis-based actress, model and soprano, plays Mo. According to the Missouri Division of Tourism, Mo is described as “a character and tour guide of sorts” who will help visitors find information about tourism opportunities in the state.

To help visitors, there are several different personalities of Mo to choose:

  • Outdoor Mo
  • Family Fun Mo
  • Culture Mo
  • Foodie Mo
  • Sports Mo
  • Road Trip Mo
  • Lake Mo
  • History Mo
  • Barbeque Mo
  • Performing Arts Mo
  • Golf Mo
  • Cave Mo
  • Wine Mo
  • Live Music Mo
  • Shopping Mo

Each of the personalities also supported by photos and a short video on the Visit Missouri site as main hub for the campaign.

Each photos and videos show Mo in different outfits and situations: as a childlike figure with a stuffed elephant and cotton candy, a motorcyclist in a leather jacket, a foodie displaying a Missouri-shaped charcuterie board, or a historical figure in a long gown and beribboned hat.

As part of the campaign, interractive quiz also available to help visitors to find their own M-O.

That’s My M-O video advert
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