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#JourneyToChange, Business Events Campaign by VisitScotland

Campaign to ensure that Scotland remains a world class destination for business events.

Launched by VisitScotland Business Events, ‘Journey to Change’ is the latest campaign of Scotland that aimed to showcase how business events can drive social and economic transformation.

The ‘Journey to Change’ campaign is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and aims to demonstrate the impact that business events can have in helping to tackle global challenges, including climate change, eradicating poverty and access to renewable energy sources in remote areas.

According to the research undertaken by VisitScotland Business Events team, a destination’s reputation for tackling issues like climate change and human rights is becoming increasingly important to organisers.

During the campaign, VisitScotland Business Events will work with partners and clients to highlight the innovation, skills and developments taking place within Scotland that have the potential to tackle environmental, economic and societal challenges in the country and other global destinations.

JourneyToChange​ video advert

Beyond the campaign, ‘Journey to Change’ is also the vision VisitScotland holds for Business Events. Through this vision, VisitScotland invite us to work together, making collaboration a way of life, and make change as an oppportunity.

Just imagine if we could bring the same energy and the same determination to learn and change to other areas that affect us all, health, diet, transport, medicines, education and science, to name but a few.

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