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Discover Your Nevada, Domestic Tourism Campaign of The Silver State

Staycations marketing campaign that encourage Nevadans to spend their money close to home.

Aimed to encourage Nevadans to explore and discover the Silver State, ‘Discover Your Nevada’ is the annual campaign of Nevada Division of Tourism (TravelNevada).

As an it an effort to thwart off the impact of COVID and its effects of tourism, this year, the ‘Discover Your Nanada’ is highlighting some lesser known destinations in the Silver State.

According Nevada Division of Tourism, there was a real bent up need to get out of the house and beyond their communities, at least for a short period of time. As result, the ads campaign brought state residents to the TravelNevada’s website and inquiries about places in the Silver State they’d never heard about.

Nevada has more ghost towns than incorporated towns. And a lot of people don’t know that. And that is a perfect thing to do when Nevadas feel like they have been inside for a long period of time. They can go out and explore and enjoy their ouwn western heritage and culture.

Dark sky locations were also on the list of destinations of Nevada. Many residents in southern Nevada were unaware these locations were just a couple of hours away. Therefore, TravelNevada offered tips and guides to get to the locations in a responsible way.

‘Are You Ready to Discover Your Nevada?’, 30s video campaign

As travel industry was severy distrupted, the Nevada Division of Tourism wanted to come up with something which would continue to stimulate the economy and generating some tax revenue for the state.

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