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Europe Invite The Curious, The Travel Destination Campaign

Global campaign to stimulates a sense of curiosity and build the image of Europe as travel destination.

Despite of the skeptical about tourism campaign from the United Kingdom and Germany, three (3) video campaign of ‘Europe Invite The Curious’ has been released by Visit Europe on March 23, 2021.

The campaign itself has been soft-launched on December 2020, and aimed to build a distinctive image of Europe as a travel destination in long-haul markets. Co-founded by European Union, ‘Europe Invites The Curious’ global campaign is developed by the European Travel Commission (ETC), in partnership with its member National Tourism Organisations (NTOs).

As a travel destination, Europe itself is a place that stimulates a sense of curiosity. From the thrill of fresh powder on the mountain top to the peace of a twilight stroll through a gorgeous medieval town, Europe is a continent where travel is free-flowing, adventures are limitless. Europe als inspires connections, experiences and memories that stretch beyond borders through its shared history, cultural diversity, and natural beauty.

Based on those, ‘Europe Invites The Curious’ campaign focussed to invite people who naturally curious, creatively curious and historically curious. For whom naturally curious, Europe is a place to slow down and experience nature at its own pace. People who creatively curious could discover Europe’s creative neighbourhoods of artists and creators. And for whom historically curious, they can explore the past to learn how it has shaped the present.

Europe invites the creatively curious video campaign
Europe invites the historically curious video campaign
Europe invites the naturally curious video campaign

As part of the campaign, a dedicated website pages with its content also has been created to support ‘Europe Invites The Curious’ campaign. Storylines on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Stories mode also has been created as part of the content creation to support the campaign, alongside with promotional video ads.

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