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#RespectProtectEnjoy​ Scotland, Responsible Travel Campaign by VisitScotland

Nationwide marketing campaign that urge Scots to behave responsiblt in their own country.

As Scotland emerges from lockdown, VisitScotland announced a sustainable and responsible travel campaign that aimed raise awareness of the importance of exploring and protecting the outdoors on March 22, 2021.

The campaign is a drive to protect landscapes, wildlife and local communities is underway weeks before travel restrictions are expected to ease and visitor attractions, hotels, bars and restaurants are expected to reopen.

The responsible campaign, which looks to counteract some of the issues seen as a result of a new, home grown audience of visitors discovering and enjoying Scotland’s countryside will call on people to respect, protect and enjoy Scotland.

With more people enjoying the outdoors as the weather improves and the plan for lockdown restrictions to be lifted towards the end of April, VisitScotland’s campaign will reinforce the importance that as visitors, they should be aware of the consequences of their visits on their stunning landscapes, wildlife and communities.

Tourism, wildlife and environmental bodies and organisations also have joined forces to try to head off potential problems with “dirty camping,” litter, broken glass, fire hazards, waste disposal, traffic congestion and bad parking as restrictions are eased over the next few weeks and months.

As part of the campaign, a dedicated responsible tourism page on has been developed which includes dedicated itineraries that created for travel trade and information and advice for the tourism sector on the corporate website.

The campaign is designed based on the new strategy that aimed to “build Scotland’s reputation as a sustainable tourism destination” by ensuring that the environment is protected, local communities are respected and the experiences of visitors is not tarnished.

Older teens and young adults are among those being initially targeted by the campaign, which is largely aimed at a domestic audience, with future phases likely to be adapted for travellers from around the UK and overseas.

A short film also has been launched to mark the beginning of the campaign, which will be rolled out across advertising billboards, social media channels and radio.

“Scotland, Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly.” video ad campaign
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