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South Australia Domestic Travel Campaign, Taste Down South

Domestic campaign to promote the unique strengths in South Australia's culinary and hospitality industry.

Announced on March 30, 2021, Taste Down South is the South Australian domestic travel initiative that aimed to to change the perception of those yet to experience Down South by promoting the unique strengths in South Australia’s culinary and hospitality industry.

The Taste Down South is also aimed to to boost domestic awareness and state economy by the third quarter of 2021 through increased tourism dollars and greater opportunities for local jobs in South Australia.

According South Australis, the Down South is an unexplored goldmine of tastes and delights. It mightn’t have the glitz and glamour of some east-coast states, but there’s a lot buzzing under the hood down there. Australia has ranked second in the world for its food and wine experiences. That’s after cultural giant France and even a step ahead of Italy.

South Australia is also home to the finest dining in the country and one of the great wine capitals of the world. The diverse pocket of South Australia is home to world-class chefs, industry-leading winemakers, and producers of the most sought after organic delights. Its comfortable climate also allows visitors to enjoy the finest flavours with a backdrop of spectacular natural landscapes and stunning cities.

Working with leading identities across the food, wine and tourism industries, Taste Down South has developed a tourism blueprint around South Australia’s under-appreciated culinary scene. The campaign looks to close the gap between perceptions of what South Australia has to offer and the reality of its exciting, world-class food and wine offerings.

The Taste Down South campaign is set to roll out over six months across traditional media, out of home advertising, digital and social media channels and is supported by ongoing content and PR activity. The domestic travel campaign rollout includes a multi-pronged approach, running advertisements across analog and digital, including: screen, print & social media over the next six months.

The Taste Down South campaign is also offering a merchandise component which aims to encourage locals, visitors & anyone interested in the campaign to spread the word and invite others down south with their mouth.

Go Down South With Your Mouth, Visit South Australia video campaign

Update, 31.03.2021 :
South Australian Tourism Commission confirmed that the state government had nothing to do with Taste Down South campaign.

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