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Uncommon to the Core, Tourism Marketing Campaign of Winchester-Frederick County

Tourism marketing campaign of Winchester-Frederick County, Virginia, that aimed to entice visitors to the region.

Unveiled on April 1, 2021, “Uncommon to The Core” is the brand new tourism marketing slogan of Winchester-Frederick County, Virginia that aimed to entice visitors to the region.

The 2021 tourism campaign itself was officially unveiled at the Winchester-Frederick County Visitors Center, 1400 S. Pleasant Valley Road, in a special presentation to dozens of invited representatives from area governments, businesses and community organizations.

According Winchester-Frederick County Convention and Visitors Bureau, COVID-19 has made many travelers wary of being in close quarters with others, so destinations that offer an array of things to do outside have become increasingly popular over the past year.

The work on the “Uncommon to the Core” itself was well underway when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived one year ago, so the promotion was temporarily shelved. Now that people are receiving vaccines and the threat of the coronavirus is hopefully subsiding, the time is right to roll out the new campaign.

The “Uncommon to The Core” campaign is created by Charrete Creative, the New York based marketing agency. It has been two years in the making and will be the way to bolstering the local tourism industry.

According Charrete Creative, the goal of the tourism campaign is to promote Winchester and Frederick County to people within driving distance who are eager for a quick getaway. To that end, print, broadcast, streaming and display ads touting the Northern Shenandoah Valley will primarily appear in places like Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Winchester is Uncommon to the Core, 60-sec video commercial ad
Winchester is Uncommon to the Core, 30-sec video commercial ad
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